Team Little Rootstocks: Zoe’s first AR

The other day, Daddy and I did my first race. I had a lot of fun, and I liked the bushywhacking. But I didn’t like the biking. But sometimes you do things that are hard. And you don’t like them. But you have to do them. And it’s funny.

Mommy and daddy do a lot of racing sometimes. And I get to stay with Pops and Savta and Marta and have sleepovers. So it’s OK. I like going to the races too. Mommy, Daddy, Pops and I were going to do a race but it was too wet. So we didn’t.

So this was my first race. Daddy and I packed some bags with our stuff. We had clothes because it was cold and we might get wet. And we had whistles. I like blowing whistles. They make noise. They’re for emergencies. And we had sunglasses. My sunglasses are pink. I have green ones too. And blue ones. And Frozen ones. But I brought the pink ones. And we brought a phone. And toothpaste. Daddy said it wasn’t toothpaste. But I think it was toothpaste. And we brought a first aid kit for cuts and booboos. And we brought a blanket for emergencies. It is very small and very shiny and keeps you warm. And we brought water. My water backpack is purple. Purple is my favorite color. Blue is my favorite color too. And I like pink. Pink is my favorite color. And we brought other stuff too. I don’t remember.

So. Daddy and I drove to the race. It was a long drive. Daddy told me all about the different states because the race was in Maryland. Not Pennsylvania. But I don’t really understand. I just say I do.

We got out of the car. It was cold and windy. I was excited but all the people said “Hi”, and this made me shy. Jeremy was there. Jeremy is always there. He always says hi. He has a funny voice and is very loud. I ran away from Jeremy. I always run away from Jeremy. He’s funny. But I cry too.


We got paper from the people at the table and went back to the car to get warm. Daddy asked me if I wanted to bike or run first. I said biking. He was surprised. I like biking. So Daddy left to put my seat on the black bike. I played in the car. Daddy doesn’t like me playing in the car sometimes. But I like it. It’s fun pretending to drive cars.

When the man yelled “GO!!” everyone ran. I ran very fast. But then I didn’t want to run anymore and Daddy carried me on his shoulders. I like riding on Daddy’s shoulders. I like when Daddy runs and I ride on his shoulders. I bounce all around. I ran a little more and then I stopped. We found the man with the maps and Daddy got a map.


So. We got on the bike. It was fun, but a little bumpy. We wanted to find five orange flags. Daddy said his bike wasn’t very good for this kind of road. I screamed and yelled and it was fun. We found the first orange flag before a lot of other people. And Daddy gave me a gummy worm. I got a gummy worm at every orange flag. Or sometimes not at every flag. But at most orange flags.

We biked again. I liked the big fields we biked in, but I was cold. I didn’t like that. Daddy stopped again and we found another orange flag. I’m good at finding orange flags. I like orange flags. One time, Daddy and I found orange flags in a cemetery. That was fun.

We biked to a big ruin. I think it was a castle. I cried. I was very cold. I wanted to go back. Daddy talked to me. We took pictures and a video. Daddy made a movie of our race. I like my race movie. I wanted to go back to the start. We only had three orange flags but I was cold. Daddy said it was a long way to ride. Daddy had a blanket. So he put me back in my bike seat and wrapped me in my blanket.


We started biking again and Daddy started telling me the Hobbit story. I like Gollum. He is slimy. He kept telling me the story and soon we saw a horse. I like horses, and they say “Neighhhhhhhhh!!” And then Daddy stopped on a bridge. And we saw an orange flag on the stream! We found the orange flag and then I threw rocks off the bridge. Lots of rocks. That was fun. I like throwing rocks in the water. Daddy and I biked some more.


One time the road ended. Daddy was trying to take me back to the car fast. But the road stopped. And Daddy pushed me and the bike up a very big steep hill. The trail was a lot of bumpy. And sometimes there was no trail. I didn’t like it. Daddy made a lot of noises. He stopped telling me stories.


We found one more orange flag at a castle! And then we went back to the start. We found eight orange flags I think!


So. At the start. I ran to the people. They cheered for me. I liked that. They gave me a new map. I took the map to Daddy and he gave me food. We sat in the car. I was shivering. Daddy wasn’t sure if we should keep racing, but I like bushywhacking.

When we finished lunch, Daddy got the backpack. And he bundled me up in the backpack. Oh! Rey! I love Rey! She is in Star Wars. Rey is my friend. Daddy took Rey off the bike seat and gave me her. I held Rey in my blanket. Daddy told me to be careful. If we dropped Rey, Daddy said we might lose her. I said we would pick her up. But Daddy said we might not know. I told Daddy we would pick her up.

We started and we ran. I screamed. Daddy kept asking me if I was ok. I was so excited. I love bushwhacking. The backpack was better than the bike. I was warmer. We walked through a farm. I made horsey noises. So did Daddy. I made donkey noises. So did Daddy.


We found some orange flags. I went to sleep. I woke up and Daddy was on top of a big rock. I looked down and got scared. But Daddy didn’t fall. I told Daddy I wanted to walk in the water. I don’t walk in the water. Daddy does. And I stay in the backpack. Daddy looked at the water, but he said it was too deep. He promised to walk in water later. So we kept going. And later Daddy walked in the water. Just like in Zion. We are going to Zion this summer. I like walking in the river.


We climbed a big hill and stopped to look down. I like looking down from the top. We found another flag and another ruin castle. Daddy told me a story about Smaug the dragon and Pete the Dragon. I liked the story. Pete the Dragon saved the king and queen from Smaug. I made Daddy tell me that story again. I like that story.


We sang some songs too. And found more orange flags. Then Daddy and I went back to the start. We ran to the finish line and people cheered for me. It was hard, but I liked it. I like when people cheer for me. Daddy stopped and pulled me out of the backpack. He told me to run to the finish line. But I fell. I tried to get up, but my feet felt funny. I fell again. And then I got up. And I fell again. I couldn’t walk straight. People were laughing and cheering. It was funny. I tried running again. But I fell.

And then Jeremy came and helped me run to the finish. He held my hand, and we ran to the finish. I like Jeremy. He is funny. And then we ate donuts.

*Postscript: Thanks to GOALS ARA for a great event for Zoe’s first race. It was a cold, blustery day, but team Little Rootstocks persevered, finishing 27th out of 37 teams. We covered 17 miles on bike and foot. We raced for 5 hours and 47 minutes. We found a lot of orange flags and had fun bushywhacking. We told several stories. Sang a lot of songs. Ate a lot snacks…and gummy worms. Lots of gummy worms!


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