When Abby Perkiss volunteered at her first adventure race, the NYARA twelve-hour Longest Day, in 2007, she was certain she would never undertake such an epic challenge. Four months later, she lined up at the start of the GOALS ARA six-hour Edge with her new husband (and future teammate), Brent Freedland. The one-time competitive swimmer raced for Team GOALS ARA from 2008-2015, competing in dozens of events ranging from a few hours to several days. Her favorite races generally involve a high level of strategy and route choice and a healthy dose of off-trail travel, and she’s always up for good animal sightings (as long as they’re from a comfortable distance).

Abby spends her time off the race-course teaching college history and writing about post-WWII American cities. She and Brent live in Philadelphia with their daughter, Zoe, and they spend their downtime “bebowing” around the city (“toddler speak” for biking, for those in the know).

Racing Highlights:

  • NAARS Championship – 2015 (An inspired course and a true testament to team spirit)
  • Expedition Alaska – 2015 (As RD Dave Adlard noted after the race, it truly was an “epic-er” adventure)
  • CNYO Snowgaine – 2015 (The weekend we got closer than ever before to The Canadians)
  • USARA National Championship – 2014 (9th overall, 5 months postpartum and finding new depths of physical and mental reserves)
  • Untamed New England – 2010, 2012 (doesn’t get much better than the Maine woods…)
  • Adidas Terrex, Sting in Stirling – 2012 (…except maybe in the Scottish highlands)
  • Longest Day – 2012 (1st overall, tied with SOG)
  • Palmetto Swamp Fox – 2010, 2012 (Gators and dolphins galore)
  • USARA National Championship – 2011 (5th open, and a true team effort to get to the finish)
  • Cradle of Liberty – 2010 (1st overall, and the race where it all “clicked”)
  • Learning to rappel off of the garage roof

Race Directing:

  • GOALS ARA Savage Adventure Race (6 hours)-2011
  • GOALS ARA Edge Adventure Race (6 hours)-2013
  • GOALS ARA Cradle of Liberty Adventure Race (24 hours)-2012, 2014-2015
  • USARA National Championship (30 hours)-2017

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