Brent Freedland has been adventure racing for ten years, beginning as a weekend warrior with various friends before joining the GOALS ARA race team in 2007. Inspired as a teenager while watching the annual Eco-Challenge, Brent began with six-hour events, convinced he would never do anything longer than that. Ten years later, he has competed in more than 80 adventure races and rogaines including seven expedition races ranging from 3-7 days. Brent raced with GOALS ARA from 2007 to 2015, captaining the team for the last several years. As lead navigator, orienteering is his favorite aspect of adventure racing, and he enjoys listening to his teammates chatter, especially when they think he isn’t listening.

He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and teammate, Abby Perkiss, and their daughter, Zoe, who already is growing to love bushwhacking. When not focused on adventure racing, Brent is a high school history teacher and world traveler who secretly (or not so secretly) loves watching nerdy TV while running on his treadmill.

 Racing Highlights:

  • Expedition Alaska – 2015 (7 days of truly epic, wild adventure. Closest I will get to an Eco?)
  • ITERA, Wales – 2014 (A truly epic journey across the nation of Wales)
  • Adidas Terrex, Sting in Stirling – 2012 (5 days in the Scottish highlands)
  • Costa Rica Adventure Race – 2011 (Epic personal failure to keep me motivated)
  • Untamed New England – 2009, 2010, 2012 (5th place in 2010; packrafting in 2012; my first multi-day in 2009)
  • 9 USARA National Championships – 2007-2014 (5 top-10 finishes in the open division; 5th open in 2011)
  • GMARA’s Frigid Infliction – 2012 (we didn’t know what we were doing in the snow, but we had a blast)
  • Palmetto Swamp Fox – 2010, 2012 (once done in the snow at Snowgaine, an even better way to start the season)
  • Snowgaine – 2008-2010, 2013-2015 (always a great way to start the season)
  • GMARA’s Bitter Pill – 2008 (Epic duel with Berlin Bike and EMS; 3 minutes separating 3 teams after 12 hours of racing 2nd place finish)
  • NYARA’s Shag – 2007 (My first 24 hour event, doing whatever Bruce told me to do!, 1st place coed)

Race Directing:

  • GOALS ARA Savage Adventure Race (6 hours)-2009, 2011
  • GOALS ARA Edge Adventure Race (6 hours)-2013
  • GOALS ARA Cradle of Liberty Adventure Race (24 hours)-2012, 2014-2015

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