2015 Results

March 7: CNYO’s Snowgaine-2 8-hour days

May 2: Get Stoked Rogaine-24 hours

May 23: American Adventure Sports’ Equinox Traverse-44 hours

  • 1st solo/overall (Jim)

 June 6: NYARA’s Jersey Inferno-12 hours

  • 2nd coed/overall (Abby, Brent, Brian and Jim as GOALS ARA)
  • Blazing Saddles Champ (Jim)

June 28: Expedition Alaska-7 days

August 19: Primal Quest-9 days

  • 2nd overall (Jim with Team Bones)

September 18: NAARS Championship – 32 hours

  • 2nd coed/overall (Abby, Brian, Jason, and Jim as GOALS ARA)

October 2: USARA National Championship – 30 hours

  • 8th (Abby, Brent and Brian)
  • 2nd (Jim and Jason as GOALS ARA)

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